51" GVM Motorized Slider

(1) Motorized Video Shot

The GP-120QD’s adjustable motor allows you to set the speed of your slider to have a smooth silent sliding motion for your video. By setting the motor to slide automatically back and forth or a single slide, it saves you time from monitoring the camera or manually sliding the camera. 

The slider supports a parallax tracking shot or a 120-degree panoramic shot.

(2) Time-Lapse Shooting

The GP-120QD motorized video slider supports time-lapse shooting, moving at preset intervals set by the user. You can set slip speed, slip intervals, stop time, photo number, and auto loop.

(3) Adjustable Stepper Motor

The newly developed silent motor allows you to adjust the motor’s torque(1%-100%) great for interviews and easier for post-production.

(4) Carbon Fiber Slider

Using 8 layers of carbon fiber making it easier for transportation, strong, stable, and smooth.

Equipped with 1/4 and 3/8 threaded screw, you can mount a camcorder, digital camera, DSLR camera, and other photography equipment. With the 1/4 and 3/8 screw holes on the bottom and side, the video slider can be mounted on most tripods and supports multiple angles.

GP-120QD Motorized Video Slider Instructions

(1) Motorized Video Shot

Go into “Setting” through Main Menu to set the starting point A, the ending point B, speed (1% -100%)

Then go back into the Main Menu and go to the Video Shot and Auto loop to start your loop shooting.

Automatic round trip (or stop) (saves 80% of the time) (supports tracking shots and 120-degree panoramic shots)

(2) Time-Lapse Shooting

Go into “Setting” through Main Menu to set the starting point A, the ending point B,

speed (1% -100%) Automatic round trip (or stop)

Then go back into the Main Menu and go into the Time Lapse settings to start:

(3) Slip Speed:1% – 100%

(4) Slip Interval:0.1 – 999.9

(5) Stop Time:0.1 – 999.99

(6) Photo Number:1 – 9999

(7) Auto Loop:yes or no (supports tracking shots and 120-degree panoramic shots)

Key Features

(1) Motorized camera slider 6 in 1 with tracking shooting, panoramic shooting, time-lapse, video capture, free set starting point, and endpoint

(2) Fixed-point shooting will adjust the red knob on both sides of the slide to the upper left corner and the lower right corner

(3) 120 degrees panorama shooting will slider the red knob on both sides of the camera slide to the lower-left corner and the upper right corner

(4) Set the starting and ending points as needed, the sliding speed, the dwell time, the sliding distance, the pause time, the number of pictures, etc.

(5) The sides and the middle of the more than 1/4 “and 3/8” screw holes can be installed on the tripod to support multiple angles

Product Properties

Motorized Mode


48 inches / 120cm

Power Current

4W / 400MA

Sliding Time

Fastest 18 seconds and Slowest 202 seconds (video mode)

Sliding Moving Speed

Fastest 1.6 S/Min and Slowest 0.77 S/Min (video mode speed)

Slide Length

45.7 inches / 116cm

Slide Rail Weight

5 Pounds


11 Pounds(Horizontal)

Available For Rent

We offer an offsite 3-day rental of this slider for $80.00

Pickup/Dropoff at Studio location only.